Friday, 3 April 2009

Thursday, 2 April 2009


I've started this project with Deepak Pathak, and we came up with a idea of a Horror/Thriller type genre film production. Looking at some of the successful films made features young adults which makes it clear that their target audience is preferred as that particular age group, however looking at their success and ideas we decided that Bexleyheath School would be a good location as it has all the possible areas to make the movie interesting and give it a horror look, with its dark areas and luckily it was winter when we started taking footages, so didn't have to wait long until it got dark.
We considered various amount of Teachers that would act as the pressumed villan, however decided John Wilson aka Mr. Wilson would be the best option as he has the impression of the mysterious person that we had in mind.
When we was thinking who will be the person who will be taking the main role, we thought I would be the better option as I had no experience in a film production.
We was inspired by films such as 'House of Wax' as they were group of young adults and their aim to escape from the village. we got the idea of a student trying to escape from the school after assuming that he was the next victim, after seeing the teacher crossing out his picture, this had shocked the student as how and why the teacher had his picture, plus looking at the other students that were missing, he pressumed that he was the next victim so from that shock, he tried to escape from the school premises, this was the opening sequence of the film so it was really important that the audience understood what was happening in the film and the use of effects made the video more effective towards the audience and good use of editing increased the tension on the film. We also decided to use Deepak's car which was available to use while shooting the film, and showing the escape scene improved with the presence of the car, as in most horror movies we can see cars used however it is questioned how successful they can be, but the presence is important which is mise-en-scene. From the start we knew that the film will be set in a dark tone, as it gives a sense of a horror feeling. We realised that using the stairs and the corridors to give the impression of distress, and will to escape. In the editing area we tried various methods, such as the french shot, which gave it a very fast speed, especially the part where the character enters the vehicle. Overall I think that the opening sequence has been successful as it draws the audience into the video making them want to see more, we have made the final touches before it can be sent into the blog, and the examining board.
We have also sent the 'Continuity piece' to our blogs as it contains me walking into a room, with several different shots.
during the editing area, we also tried to use fading in to create a better effect on the video.
The Blog Work has been very enjoyable as this seemed to be a private diary which is very useful when you get an idea of somethin, you can instantly add these on the blog.
I have also found it very useful to recap on things, such as which movies inspired us, we could instantly find which film did inspire us.
This was one the best experiences which I have made as this takes, time, planning, good location, and also good team spirit.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We have tried to use everything which is used in a classroom and tried to show how the story starts, Deepak and myself have taken these photographs to show how and why we have chosen these specific areas, also the people who have taken part in this production.
It's very important in film productions, that the areas is closely observed and after days of investigation, film producers decide on the where to film, and we have looked at Bexleyheath School and decided that the location is what we were looking for for example the dark areas are mostly seen at the school.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Analysis of Spooks

First of all when the scene opens we can see the camera angle makes a 360 turn around the assumed main character, which always means a spot light set on this person, however we realise that the main character takes orders through a mobile phone. The Protagonist gives the image of being good as it is also presented in the video wearing white, and this resembles of goodness, however from the start the person we first assume of being a terrorist wearing black clothes, later on shows us the reasoning of am attempt to assasin.
The sounds are cleverly used at the start there is a quite music, giving a idea of silence before thunder, however the 3 second middle eastern types music has given an extra affect to show its roots, we see that the man giving orders are getting orders from the person behind him, which the woman gives the idea of confidence and power with crossed arms. I have also liked the fact that when the protagonist shows the phone to the assumed terrorist, the sun light shines on phone which gives the idea of hope and relief, again representing hope and relief the cross signs gives the idea of religious affect as well.
The lighting I thought was very effectives as I mentioned the about the sun, but at the start it seemed that there was a dim lighting, and as the Tv drama went on the sun light shined on the assumed terrorist. The sound of the child also represents hope and relief, which has given the audience to give sympathy towards the child.
Overall I think this scene has very important points and has shown what it tried to show through its camera types, mise-en-scene, editing and sound.